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a 40-year-old track coach
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had an alleged inappropriate pay fair with a 16-year-old at a local high school. i'm don harrison. that story coming up. congress back at work but they're facing another possible government shutdown. we'll tell you what has to be done to avoid it. facebook's recent round of changes are sinking in and why it's harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition. a local man has been arrested accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. don talked to police and parents. >> reporter: archbishop high school in self-ven is the location of the latest inappropriate relationship. brian funk was the track coach
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at annapolis flool '-- high school from '93 to '96. police became aware of funk when he was report to the social services after being seen with a 16-year-old at the movies. police began their investigation of him on july 26th. at that time he was no longer the coach at archbishop spalding. >> he was exchanging sexually explicit images between him and the victim. the arrest warrant was obtained and help turned himself in. >> i think he's taking advantage of the girl. >> i got two young kids. you're supposed to trust who they're with. it's tough. >> reporter: mr. funk has been released on bam and is the former head coach at catholic
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university. in severn, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. a 16-year-old boy is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl. he has been charged as an adult. the girl told police she was drinking heavily. her sister took her home but stayed in the basement with two boys. she said someone came into her room and raped her. her father came home after med night and said reddish was in her daughter's bed. he is out on $50,000 bond. an odden ton man is being charged with burglary. the neighbor came home and found donny lee thurston in his basement. he was trying to take clothes belonging to a woman who lived there and had been caught
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peering into a window previously. congress is back to work today. the first order of business is trying to pass a spbd -- spending measure. >> reporter: didn't we just go through this? it's coming back up. democrats and republicans have to talk about funding. on friday they couldn't adpre so they're trying to knock around this bill. funding for fema could run out as soon has tomorrow. that's the money that's keeping the government running that will run out on friday. >> we shouldn't have to cost between saying no to disaster victims and killing american jobs. >> reporter: for some this is good political theater but for others it's another wait and see week. we will do the waiting and
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seeing. jamie costello, abc2 news. all right. the clouds are holding tough. take a look at the state satellite pictures. it has been one of those scenarios where we stay gray and a little gloom on a monday. the radar is clear. we're not getting any rain. that's good. temperatures on the warm side. there's no big chill to go along with the gloom. mid-70s to low 80s. this evening 70s and mostly cloudy. we'll talk about when the chances for rain ramp up and when we'll get that first true taste of fall. it's all in the outlook straight ahead no some students at the university of california berkeley are planning a pretty controversial fund-raiser. and the man who brought a much loved snack to the market dies at the age of 97.
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we want to take you back to that breaking news in northwest baltimore. a three-alarm fire at a tire shop. one person has been injured and black smoke pouring into the air. cheryl conner has the latest. what's the latest? >> reporter: it looks like this fire is growing more and more pin tense. we're on west belvedere avenue. it's a tire and auto shop. you can see the smoke is so thick that is is actually covering the skyline. one of the concerns is the gas station that's near by chief kevin cartwright said the gas station is not in jeopardy. firefighters are on all four sides of the building make sure the fire does not spread to the adjacent buildings. shane williams was out here at 4:00.
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you said you heard an explosion? >> i was at the bus stop when i heard a very big boom. i went back to the gas station. i was very concerned. i seen the whole thing. it was very okay. >> reporter: they were getting out quickly. >> they were telling them to get out. i'm not sure if there were injuries but i did see people running. >> reporter: you sought smoke and flames quickly? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. chief kevin cartwright said there was one civilian who was injured. he suffered burns on his hand. the 4100 block west belvedere avenue. the situation is growing more and more intense. it went from two alarms to three
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alarms about 30 minutes ago. about 100 firefighters are on the scene trying to knock down the fire. we will be here to assess the situation. >> thanks for that live report. the campus republicans at the university of california berkeley are planning a bake sale for this week but it's the pricing that has some people seeing red. the group is selling cookies and brownies but charge people based on theirend der and race. white males will pay the most. native-american will play the least. the republican students say it is representative of the college admissions process in california. if you've ever enjoyed a cheesy crunching dorito, the
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creator passed away last week. he was 97. he will be layed to rest and in honor of his contribution, his family floons sprinkle dore -- family plans to sprinkle dore row toes in his grave. some big changes in the works for the next presidential election. we'll tell you exactly what you can expect.
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a man and a woman were bother injured this morning in seattle when a house exploded. people living as far away as a mile say the blast was so loud
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this broke their windows. firefighters were called out. one of the people has life-threatening burns. investigators say it's too soon to know what caused the explosion. a construction truck rear ended a school bus this morning while some students were getting on the bus. this was picking up students who were injured in the accident. they were both taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. kids already on the bus were not hurt. in southeastern indiana five people were found dead. police are still investigating and haven't said whether or not they're looking for a shooter or whether the shooter is among the dead. there's a lot or questions we have than answers right now. i think that's obvious. there's a lot of if's and's and but the's. >> neighbors say they are
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concerned about their save the. investigators plan to release more information as soon as the autopsies are completed. all right. nice shot of the inner harbor there. we got a little bit of sun coming out late, late in the day. for the most part we're still overcast with a few sunny breaks here and there. 78 right now. humidity 74%. statewide it was tough to buy much sunshine. there were a few breaks of sun. just a little bit of late sunshine coming through. we'll take it, take any sun we can find. rockville, similar scenario. cloudy with late clearing. same deal down in washington. mostly evercast day bush, again, a little bit of late sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar
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staying clear. i think it will remain clear tonight, tomorrow, early on. we'll bring in the chance for showers. that will be there again on wednesday afternoon. temperatures just about their highs on the day. the beach at 70 at ocean city as are the mountains. most of central maryland closer to 80. you see the humidity levels very muggy patterns. locally in the region a few showers offshore and a band of heavy rain from eastern kentucky back up through ohio, youngstown and dayton. that band is likely to become an impact. you see the main weather culprit, upper level low cut off from the jet stream. it will set out her and swirl and move along slightly. as a result we're on the side of this thing where we will continue to see warm humid winds
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wrap around out of the south and bring us chances for rain the next couple of days. maybe some thundershowers, too. a second boundary just offshore of maryland, not really helping mat terls. chances for showers going up after midday tomorrow. scattered rain a good bet. could sew a couple of thundershowers. wednesday more scattered rain, potentially more will be north of maryland into pennsylvania. as we look at the tropics, we got philippe offshore of africa and ophelia, which is likely to become a tropical storm. it's a disturbance, but both of those projected to stay well offshore. overnight 68. tomorrow we'll bring up the chance for rain after midday. 79 for a high. some spots will get to 80. tomorrow 67 with fog possible. it was thick this morning. your seven-day forecast, muggy
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conditions the next couple of days. the first full week of fall not looking like it. it will arrive. it will get in here friday night, we think. the first dope crept cold front will drop us into the 60s, low 60s for highs saturday and sunday. early saturday, a lot of that will be in the 50s. that will be a taste of fall. >> we should be able to clear out. let's talk about politics right now. he jumped no the race and became an immediate front-runner. now rick perry is waning. we have more. >> reporter: this was not the weekend that per are -- rick perry's campaign was hoping to
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deal with, two straw polls in two page states. look at the headline out of florida. the winner, not perry -- herman cain. he won in a landslide, more than two votes for every one that rick perry got. you can't say it's just a straw poll. the only top tier candidate to invest time and money, did not break in his direction. in michigan kane did much lower. mitt romney, his home state, des appointing ruts for perry. many are saying why is this happening. some say his subpar debate in orlando where he took flack for his stance on immigration. today perry released a new web ad. he is trying to shiest the focus back to mitt romney and
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healthcare. perry said romney's language changed. >> it's portable, affordable health insurance. something people have been talking about for decades. we can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country. >> reporter: we've seeing -- we're seeing a parsing of language. >> some new numbers are out today. what are we learning from those numbers in. >> they can still say front-runner. the problem is they used to load by 11% in the last poll. then you break it down and see another area of concern. does the candidate have the personal qualities you lock for in a candidate. most people say romney does. 50% say president obama does. just 45% believe rick perry has those traits. a campaign that is looking to appear presidential and likable
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has to get those numbers up. whoever ends up with the republican nomination may be hoping a new bill proposed in pennsylvania becomes law. he sponsored the bill which would mean the state's 20 electoral votes would not automatically go to the one who won. it would be split. in a 2008 election that would have meant that john mccain would have gotten electoral votes along with obama. >> just an attempt to rig the system. in this case it's the republicans in pennsylvania. >> now if it passes, the bill wouldn't be the only change to the system. five other states are also trying to require voters to show state-issued i.d.'s. just have to wait and she what will happen with the proposals coming up next fall soil in'
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jamie costello. new video to show you about the washington monument. and a new scam could be targeting your children. why you have to keep some of their information mass prest as possible -- as private as possible. those stories plus an update on a fire coming up.
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facebook gets a face-lift. it has made a lot of changes. some were met with mixed reviews. the big question is what does it moan for users like you?
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karen cave a has the detail -- karen caifa has the details. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg wants to keep a fresh face forward. >> it's the heart of your facebook experience completely row thought. >> reporter: time line will help you create a crone know logical account of your posts, making your page look more like a blog. new apps will chair and sync what you're doing, lessening to and playing in one place. >> there's a general browser that we've been used to. facebook wants to get rid of everything else. >> reporter: a revamp didn't generate too many likes. >> it would be leak coming pack to your -- like coming back to your apartment and rearranging
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your bedroom. >> reporter: some unhappy users threatened to defect to google plus. the ultimate goal of any to be change. >> the more time you spend on forks the happy -- facebook, the a pir mark zuckerberg is. firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire and at auto garage. we have more which is coming up right now. a man has died and the family wants to know why. >> help indicated he had lost the boy and help wanted the lit -- he wanted the little boy to help

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